The Slum Studio is a Ghanaian multifaceted research project which focuses on creating textile art out of fabric waste.

Founded in 2018, our story is one that is birthed from the concept of remaking, repurposing and preserving the Ghanaian upcycle culture in the most exciting way possible. As a project born out of a daring interest in the politics of clothing, our artistic analysis and objective interest is inspired by and evolves around the numerous engagements and human interactions in secondhand clothing markets in our immediate spaces. By creating a visual dialogue through the medium of wear; we use the dynamic power of color, illustration and abstract expressionism as a language and mapping to reintroduce our audience into our relationship with material. As an contemporary project, we look at clothing as arguably one the most resilient aesthetics of tradition, where adorning the skin becomes a pivotal form for personal, cultural and communal identity. Our designs, motifs and compositions are a vivid illustration of ongoing chapters of our past, present and the future narratives in our clothing practices. It is one that talks about a certain community, our community.

We aim to merge the aesthetic and performative element in clothing to offer you a kaleidoscopic experience between body, self and mind. Fabrics used for each of our artworks are one hundred percent hand sourced from used and offcut fabrics in secondhand clothing markets. 

You are welcome, please join us. It is going to be a wonderful journey





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